Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Our first day of Christmas

This is an unsponsored post.

I wasn't lucky enough to be rewarded for writing about Christmas rules but I have enjoyed reading all the posts.

In fact I think I have nearly given away all of mine in the comments boxes, but I thought I'd write this post anyway!

Today is the first so the tree has gone up. I started this tradition in the grim days of my accounting exams, they were the last week in November so the tree was my treat. This year Isobel helped, I think I may need to secure the tree.

I have also realised I need more decorations, the subtle balls in the dining room just don't cut it when you are 1 and 3/4s.

Tomorrow I begin the hunt for good old fashioned silver paperchains.

I will let you know the rest of the rules tomorrow.

A spoiler for you though - I love brussel sprouts!

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stefanie said...

when you are little (or big for that matter) there are never enough baubles and lights.wait until i get my tree(s)up! it is very tasteful.honest.


I love paper chains and discovered some gorgeous ones at our local art gallery made from magazines and strips of wallpaper. (karen@therubbishdiet)

Pippa said...

More decs the better... and the same is for sprouts!

Mamma Po said...

Ahh, gorgeous! Your tree looks v tasteful. Oh and if you're on the Island some day soon, Live Like This in Cowes sells the most gorgeous, old-fashioned stylie paper chains.

And thanks for reminding me that we are now officially in December and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Am off to find the advent calendars I hid down the back of the sofa a few months ago...