Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not a daddy's girl

This evening my daughter has been her usual angel self.

We had a small tussle over getting in her pushchair at nursery, but that was forgotten before we got out the gate.

Isobel sung and kicked her boots all the way home. We got in and snuggled up on the sofa to watch tele. We paused to dance to the Nick Jr children in need song, and then resumed snuggling.

At bathtime, the telly was switched off and off up the stairs we went. Isobel pretended to do a wee on the loo, brushed her teeth and climbed into her bath to play.

Out of the bath, a snuggle, some milk, a book or two and Elmo and Andrea Bocelli and then bed.

Not a murmer, just a 'bye mummy' and she's asleep.

Contrast this to last evening when PD was here. I don't really know what happens when he is around, we love him dearly but...

Maybe I'm so intent on being a good mum I tense up, maybe Isobel get's confused by having both parents around, perhaps PD is just stricter than I am, I just choose my battles.

But, when I most like her to be the angel child she more often than not is, when I want her daddy to see what a great little team we make, Isobel can be a bit of a madam.

It's a shame because one of my favourite things is when Isobel takes both our hands.


TheMadHouse said...

Why not take a step back and let him do it all on a night and just give her a kiss goodnight then she will not be picking up on how you feel.

We work as a tag team.

The Dotterel said...

Good advice! Two can some of the time be more confusing than one. I had the same problem when Sally was young, and her mum left home. Kids get used to (and adapt) to the expectations of one parent. When two are around it either means they both behave as clones, or children get confused. The MadHouse isn't as mad as she makes out...

Hayley said...

I can completely relate to the trying to be a good mum bit but after a while they do know, my LO is the same when we see any of his fathers side of the family.

Sounds like a lovely peaceful bedtime normally though! :D