Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Has your Grandad ridden on Elephants?

This post is about my Grandad, my Grandad who I lost last night (no he hasn't rolled under the settee). My Grandad is gone.

In his words 'that's it and all about it'. But that isn't it, it's not all about it although I'm not really sure what is all about it.

I just know I have a great big Grandad shaped hole in my world and no body can fill it, certainly not unless the have ridden on elephantswith Bashatampi and been called the old man at 22, or taught me to use chopsticks using bic biros to demonstrate.

Oh Grandad, watching you shrink was hard enough but now you are gone...

Grandad wasn't just my Grandad, there are plenty of us Grand and great grand children about. But I like to think of myself as the longest serving Granddaughter and I have the first Great-Grandchild to bear the family name. It is because of Grandad that I have always been so proud of my family name, and indeed my family. Anyway, Grandad has been the biggest and most consistent male figure in my life.

He taught me to drink whisky, and I'm sure it was a test for suitors when he poured them one of his 4 finger measures, I also think i got my gin habit from him, always believing 'you shouldn't have too much blood in your alcohol stream'.

I failed at journalism (well, I only ever tried Reuters and then gave up)but I know my Grandad was always proud of me. In fact that was the thing Grandad was always proud of everybody, whatever they did.

His / the family (well RAF) toast, he always recited is:

Here's to it and from it,
And to it again.
Those who get to it,
And don't do it,
will never get to it,
To try and do it again.

Grandad was a storyteller and I like to think that if we all remember a little of those stories than we will come close to something that resembles him.

While I close my eyes to hear his voice, and try to remember that 'to live in the hearts of those you love most, is not to die,' here are some pictures:


TheMadHouse said...

I am so so sorry for your loss. My dear Grandpa passed away far too long ago and he was so special. I think that little girls and granddads are a wonderful thing. I was his miracle the thing that saved him and got him through cancer the first time.

I look back and cherish the time we spent, the if mum and dad says no, ask granddad years and I morn the fact that my boys will never meet him or for that matter my father.

But they say that the measure of how much someone is loved is the pain their leaving causes, my pain is forever, as so was my love.

With all my thoughts and sorry that there are no words of comfort that are adequate at a time like this.

Hayley said...

I lost my grandfather 5 years ago and can relate to how you are feeling, sending lots of love to all those touched by your grandfathers passing. Big hugs x

Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide) said...

I am so sorry for your loss. No time is a good time, and Xmas seems to make it worse. Thoughts are with you, sorry words are no comfort x

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Really sorry to hear about your Grandad. He sounds like he was a big part of your life and a big influence. May he live on in your heart x

Kat said...

I am so so sorry to hear this, Kat xx

stefanie said...

we also have a large grandad shaped hole.
it is rubbish.
he was always the one you phoned, grandad will know that.
I too provided the first great granchild..he died on her birthday when she turned 13. (she was his favourite!)
there will be smiles and laughter through the tears.eventually.

lots of love

Glowstars said...

Am sending hugs and love for you and your family.

Gray said...

So sorry to hear that news Zoe. He was a lovely man and such a great big character, it was a pleasure to meet him and he always had such great stories.

He had a lot to be proud of in you hun.

I'm sure his great grand daughter will help you get through Xmas as Jack and Charlotte helped us all get through Xmas 2006 when we lost Grandad.

G x

Mine said...

Drink a whisky or two with your family in your granddad's name and use that great toast - he will live on in your memories. I'll be thinking of you over Christmas xx

Sandy Calico said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. You Grandad sounds like a wonderful man. Thinking of you x

Mark Rabjohns said...

Hi Zodger - I will miss him terribly. Your words put a smile on my face as I thought about him. Take care -- Mark.