Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Jingle bells

Actually this post has nothing to do with jingling but as it's everything to do with Christmas I used it anyway... Laughing all the way...

Isobel and I have crammed all our Christmas entertaining into one weekend so I thought I'd let you know our tips.

For half a dozen under twos (yes I am a little loopy and no I didn't get snaps, nearly took some of aftermath) you need 50 cocktail sausages. Oh actually it was 49, I found an ember of an escapee two days later. Feed the mums, and dad, fizz and pomegranate juice, scatter party with a liberal sprinking of chocolate coins and all will be absolutely lovely.

Sunday was lunch for 8 at mine. Isobel being the only tea-totaler.
Our secret this time, those homemade truffles and racing brussel sprouts.

Other than that today we did Christmas wrapping. Combine my tasteful brown paper with my pet elf's finger painting skills and we finally have things to put under the tree!

Here are our paperchains, no idea why I took it at the jaunty angle (I was sober).

Truffles: 225g plain chocolate, 175 ml double cream. Heat the cream to a rolling boil and pour over the chocolate (already broken up of course). Allow to set a little in the bowl then scoop out with a teaspoon, with icing flour dusted hands roll into balls and then into cocoa or nuts. If you fancy a tipsy truffle add about 50ml of booze, but these truffles will be messier to roll. If you like the ginger idea you can wizz in stem ginger, or cheap and use a ginger chocolate bar as part of the recipe.


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Hayley said...

I love your wrapping! Wish I had thought of that! Definately next year!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Oh gosh. I am going to have the in-laws and all the brothers plus WAGs here on Sunday. Am having hot flashes. Might try the cocktail sausage tip and tell you how it went down, hehe.

Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

I'm giving those Truffles a go this weekend. They sound delicious

Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

I'm giving those Truffles a go this weekend. They sound delicious

Really Rachel said...

Love your paper chains. Also, we got LOADS of brown paper packing with our nappies order from Ethical Superstore. I've been using it for autumn pictures, painting, drawing etc but now I'm (I mean FP is) definitely going to make wrapping paper. Excellent!