Monday, 24 August 2009

Word association

I have recently read a good book, a book that resonates, a book that I have now evangelically recommended as it was recommended to me via Twitter by Butterflygrrl.

The book is called F*ck It.

There are no two words I wish to say more than these right now.

The book is right it is the 'ultimate spiritual way'. I mean don't you feel so much better just saying those words at any point in time, if only briefly.

Unfortunately, with a daughter who is learning to talk I feel I would be ill advised to say it out loud so maybe that is why it isn't quite working.

Let's face it these do not have quite the same effect, or the same hint of defiance:

Fudge it
Frig it
Fluff it
Foot it

Perhaps when I come up with a suitable word I will be able to rise above it all.

Any suggestions?


Chic Mama said...

Haha...I've seen this book and thought about buying it. Does it involve actually saying it then? I can say it in my head and do , lots!

Erica-May said...

How about DARN? And also, surely the Delight will only be saying the words she hears ALL THE TIME, so intersperse with lashings of Mummy and Shoes and Champagne and I'm sure it will be OK.

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Chic mama, the book is excellent and I just think that maybe I'd mean it more if I said it out loud while flicking my hair defiantly.

Erica-may, I'm sure you'll help me with the other words, but I'm not sure 'Darn-it' quite does the trick - makes me think of socks.

Anonymous said...

A delayed reply - just catching up with blog back-logs! Glad you enjoyed the book hun - I thought it was a refreshing alternative to the usual self-help tomes. Mind you, I still read those occasionally too... :-)
Keep up the good work on the blog - loving your tales and the honest approach you bring to them x