Monday, 3 August 2009

Morbid-go-round? Walkies?

Another weekend has passed and there are sooo many things I could blog about...

Isobel choosing to play among the headstones rather than the swings.

The new words: door, ball and cheese.

The counting: one, twoooo, freeeeeeeeee!

The mother of all tantrums because I wouldn't let her play with the snip-snips (nail clippers), and how helpless I felt.

Isobel eating my linguine rather than her pizza pie (yes, these are PDs gorgeous pics, I'm sitting next to her within linguine grabbing range)

Or Isobel taking her daddy (who still isn't sure of how to handle off-piste napping) for a walk.

Maybe, just maybe, I should find some words to describe how it felt when all my little girl wanted was to hold my and PD's hands at the same time...


Working Mum said...

Aww, holding hands. Nothing like that feeling of a little hand in yours. Nowshe's holding both your hands you can do "One, two, three, weeeeeeee!" (I'm hoping you know what I mean there)

Emma S said...

She's gorgeous!! That Photo of her playing amongst the gravestones instead of the swings made me giggle! :)x

Kat said...

I think it is really lovely the three of you spend time all together.

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

She's a beauty!

Great that you have a good relationship with PD, she'll thank you for that later I'm sure.