Monday, 10 August 2009

In which we head to the seaside

On Saturday we went to the seaside.

Yes, we were back on the Island for a family catch up and that means heading to The Beach Hut. I capitalise it because to my family there is only one hut and any sign of sun means it's A Hut Day.

So there I am standing at the waters edge, camera poised ready to take photos of my little girl's first toe dip in the sea. Strictly speaking she dipped a toe or ten last year but this was to be her first self propelled foray into the sea.

I imagined us splashing around where the water just lapped the sand, walking hand in hand in the shallowest of shallows...

Instead, I hurriedly tuck my dress in my knickers to hold her hand; and then in order to prevent my daughter washing herself out to sea I find myself hastily tucking my camera in my bra - good look. So good in fact I had to do it on the second trip to the sea too - when will I learn.

(But would squeezing the extra 7lbs of me into a swimming costume have been a better look? Actually I think maybe it would have, rather than being the towny in a dress and beads to boot!)

I won't leave you with that image; try these instead:

To say Isobel took to the sea like a duck to water would indeed be an understatement. She followed the waves out up to her little chest on a quest for 'Bub-bals'. Leaving me to clutch the straps of her costume as she waded... and waded.

The sea splashed her hat and she barely stopped.


Mamma Po said...

Gorgeous!! Meant to be nice weather here all week so hope you get lots of 'Hut Days'.

Wave if you spot Frazzled Mum chasing 2 Blonde Bombshells down the beach xx

clareybabble said...

I love the hat!! xx