Monday, 10 August 2009

In which we were not alone

As there were four generations at The Hut on Saturday you can imagine while not exactly peaceful, it was fun.

Trouble is, as if often the case at these events I often feel woefully inadequate. I had simply stuffed swim nappies and Isobel's swimming costume in our bag and off we went. (Yes, only one costume not two, can't put a wet costume back on a babe - it's impossible, so impossible I didn't even try!)

Foolishly I hadn't bothered with her towelling poncho; thriftily I hadn't bought a sun suit for the very few odd days we make it to the sea; AND I had decided to just buy lunch from the fab cafe next door.

And I certainly didn't pack a costume for me.

Everyone else was well prepared and stocked for their week at The Hut. That is my only defence: I knew we were only going for a few hours one afternoon.

Here's some more pics:

One thing I did do right is I didn't bother to pack a book or get a deckchair out.

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Wow looks like loads of fun!