Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ideas above our Station

People who know me may say that occasionally *cough* I suffer from delusions of grandeur. Although, I think they only relate to eating implements: I have to use a soup spoon for soup; I eat fish and chips with a fish fork and cake with a cake fork.

All sensible and actually not posh at all.

Little girl on the other hand is the real deal.

She has had more birthday's than the queen. There was the party at Grandma's on Saturday.

Her real birthday spent with her Mummy and Daddy

As she missed out on a nursery birthday she had that yesterday.

And the big party tomorrow. A whole lotta birthday.

It get's posher.

PD has his own train station and I have one too. I even have my own fleet of trains. Next time you see a white Southwest trains train give me a royal wave please.

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Helen said...

Sorry but...a cake are posh!