Wednesday, 30 March 2011

4th Mother's day

This Sunday it is Mother's Day. Oh, sorry the vomit inducing adverts have already told you that - why are they all so pink?

Anyway, this is a purely selfish post. I have a lovely mummy who I will be celebrating on Mother's day but this is about my fourth Mother's day as a mummy; little girl was born the day before Mother's day in 2008, she is good like that.

Every year I have been spoilt with notes of love and support from little girl and her daddy, accompanied by beautiful days.

This year I will of course get a card from my little girl, her nursery will see to that, but there will be no appreciative notes from her father. For some reason I find the lack of that friendship and support incredibly hard.

But the wine bottle is empty so this pity party must draw to close.

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Anonymous said...

Darling girl, its only a day. The love between you and little girl is every moment of every day. I spent many "single" mother's days, but I had you. . .and that was