Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tangled a review or return to the blogosphere

Since Christmas I have slowly been dipping my toe back into the world of mummy blogging.

Today reminded me of what we have been missing; reminded me of all the lovely peeps you can meet and all the lovely things you can do if you put yourself out there a little bit.

I had her first cinematic experience, her first taste of Disney, we met Mickey Mouse and I saw my first 3D picture. Yes, we took up an invitation to a preview of Tangled the new Disney movie.

As in all fairy tales there was a good king and queen, a royal babe / princess, an old hag who wants to be young and a handsome rogue. From what we saw it was fabulous, funny, not quite as predictable as I have made it sound. Shrek like comedy, glorious songs and pretty, pretty long hair.

We donned our 3D specs but little girl asked to come home early, she asked so nicely I couldn't refuse.

But, all that said little girl did say something I had never heard her say before...

'when I grow up I want to be...'

Now I was expecting Penny from Fireman Sam, as she does seem to be obsessed with her...

But no, something I didn't expect from my garage owning little girl... who hates brushing her hair...

When she grows up she wants to be


I am shocked, but I will use it in the morning when I am doing her hair for nursery.

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Helen@Leather baby shoes said...

Is that the first sign of her turning into a "little lady"?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Awwww that's so sweet. I think Miss M would like that film. She's in into Disney Princesses big time, though Bolt is still her favourite Disney character. I don't think she would EVER cope with Rapunzel hair though. She has the shortest bob and still squawks when I brush it.

Happy New Year hon x