Thursday, 6 January 2011

Geek - who me?

Well, actually it seems so. I know I work in IT but I really am as technical as a jam jar.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was give some geeky gifts at Christmas and I love them!

I love the iPad, I have been blogging more because I simply love the way my fingers dance on the keys as I type. Strictly has nothing on my fingers, well maybe Strictly is more sparkly.

But, I have been inseparable from my kindle. I didn't know I wanted one, in fact I didn't want one; I'd been adamant that real books were for me.

Real, tangible books who's pages I could turn; with ink I can smell and covers that look lovely on my bookcase....

How could a grey piece of plastic replace that?

Well, it has. It's more subtle than a book, less shiny than the iPad so can be surreptitiously be read while little girl plays oblivious to the fact that I am not 100% engaged in what she is doing (I know, I know bad mummy).

It's easier to fit in my handbag, I don't have to wait until the postie delivers my latest Amazon order and like a true addict I am chain-reading;
I'm now on my sixth book since Christmas and this isn't even a sponsored post.

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Tasha Goddard said...

You were given an iPad and a Kindle for Christmas? Wow! I had to buy myself a new phone out of my Christmas money and am nowhere near getting the new netbook I want (am going to buy it myself from blogging income - so maybe in 2015!).

I want a tablet and an eReader, though *probably* not those particular two, but that's because I'm a nerd, not just a geek (or something).

Muddling Along Mummy said...

I've just discovered kindle for ipad and I've gone from not being sure about my ipad to loving it - new Twitter, blogging and now reading in one place, its fab!

You are a very lucky girl!

Kat - Housewife Confidential said...

Still jealous!

Somehow your feed has dropped content and is only displaying the title of your posts.