Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Princess and the Pea

Ok so Isobel isn’t a princess: ‘ I not a princess mummy, I Isobel F******’

And there isn’t a pea under mattress but I do seem to have been unable to tempt her away from her cot and into her ‘big girls bed’. Her ‘I not a baby mummy’ has been met with ‘so why do you sleep in a bay’s cot’ but this, it seems is just logic and we all know how easily dismissed logic can be.

I bought her a beautiful Iron day bed, picturing her lounging on it as she gets older.

I bought grobag bed linen so I could zip her in all cosy, hopefully replicating the snuggliness of her sleeping bags.

We have read stories on this bed every night since May; she has even volunteered to sleep in it, only to appear at the door five minutes later asking for her cot.

On the last visit to Grandma’s Isobel slept in a big girls bed; at Daddy’s he took down the travel cot and seemingly had no trouble tempting her into her bed.

Me, I thought I’d do that child centred laissez faire parenting thing of believing that maybe Isobel could choose for herself, when she was ready…

The cot came down yesterday evening.

Isobel was coaxed to sleep in her big girls bed by an attentive mummy answering all spurious requests that my ‘not a princess’ issued from upstairs…

The result?

Isobel slept in my bed with me.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

I'm glad its not just me... currently engaged in the great bedtime battle with both of mine!

Nurse To Doc said...

Found your blog today and have just loved reading it. I am 39, have just started a new career and am trying to persuade myself to have a baby before the ovaries give up the ghost. Your writing is so lovely and this blog will be amazing for your daughter to read one day.

Looking forward to future posts

Momma Sunshine said...

I think all kids go through a bit of a transition time when it comes to getting into their big kids beds. She'll get there. :-)