Monday, 4 January 2010

First day back at school (nursery)

And I score a 'could do better'.

For the first time in the whole 13 days Isobel slept to beyond 7am.

I struggled to rouse myself even though it was later than I had been waking.

Isobel didn't want to go to nursery, so I bribed her with milk to get in her pushchair.

One plus mark gained for getting her to keep her gloves on...

100 lost for forgetting her bag.

Many more lost for allowing my child to be dressed in whatever they inevitably have to lend her later.

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Anonymous said...

We'll be the same on Wednesday when the schools re-open here. We have no routine whatsoever at the moment!

Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide) said...

We go back to normal tomorrow so wanted to use today as a trial, but it's nearly 10am and we're still in our pj's and struggled to get up before 8am this morning!

TheMadHouse said...

We scored a -10 I am afraid. I didn't wake till 8.30!!!

Lost points for no dinner money
No wellies (Its snowing) so can not play outside
No homework book or even homework done over the holidays

Plus I shouted like a fishwife!!

Glowstars said...

We managed to oversleep today, the boy wanted to munch his breakfast at a rate of about one bite per five minutes and then had no inclination to shower or dress. The only saving point was that I'm not at work anymore so could shepherd him around otherwise he'd never have made it to school in time.
Still, we've all got a few more weeks till halff term to get ourselves sorted.

Hearth-mother said...

Yup. We forgot the sheet that we're supposed to take every Monday.

stefanie said...

i am so glad it isnt just me. i thought i was the only one that forgets things and gets to school late.we could only find one shoe this morning.

Online Mum said...

We haven't had the joy of 1st day back yet, the snow is crazy here, but when we do I am SURE we will forget many more things. You didn't do bad!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Uaaahhh. I am loathing those days already. At the moment, little L sleeps until 7:30am. Why on earth would I want to change that???

I have tagged you over at mine with a favourite picture meme :)