Monday, 11 January 2010

Favourite Photo Meme

I have been tagged by the lurverly Metropolitan Mum to dig in the archives and produce my very favourite picture.

To be honest there are many I could choose, especially from PD's photo blog; as I have just lost my Grandad, and my Grandma is rapidly shrinking, this is the one that came to mind:

As little as five years ago I would have doubted that my little girl would know one of the biggest influences in my life, my Grandma. The years have passed and while she may not be the same Grandma I grew up with, I am proud to introduce my little girl to the Greatest Great Grandma she will ever have.

I stopped taking pictures of Grandad because I wanted to remember him as he was, and as I will always picture him.

I tag the lovely Nixdminx and English Mum to let us see their favourtite piccies.

Thank you Tara for starting this one.


Metropolitan Mum said...

That brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely picture.

My granddad died they day after I told him I was pregnant with little L. He said 'one life goes, another one enters the world'. My grandma is shrinking rapidly since he's gone.

xxx MM

PS: Obel's mum? Haha.

Insomniac Mummy said...

What a lovely picture.


Hayley said...

Its so special when children get a chance to know their great grandparents. I'm sure you'll treasure those pictures forever. Gorgeous :)

English Mum said...

Yay! Mine's up, thanks.

Gorgeous picture - my kids got to know their great grandparents, it's special to see x

nixdminx said...

that's gorgeous - your grandmother looks adorable and your daughter is very lucky, and thanks so much for tagging me, I'll be posting soon xx

btw please also join the #bloggersforhaiti campaign by spreading the news on twitter that Mummy bloggers are raising awareness and ultimately funds...

Working Mum said...

How lovely for your daughter to know her Great Grandma.