Thursday, 7 January 2010

Arse from my 'obel

Over the Christmas hols I am not the only one to have gained, but while it's pounds I've amassed Isobel has been busily adding to her vocabulary.

This is in danger of being a proud mummy post, but actually I'm putting it down here because I am worried I will forget.

Over Christmas I was impressed that Isobel had added a new body part to her list. Apparently my daughter had learnt where her elbow is.

In fact she had learnt where it was and kept repeating it.

Except it wasn't her elbow, her mother was being rubbish.

She was actually saying her name, she had mastered the concept of 'me' and 'mine'.

It's 'Obel'.

I have now assumed what will undoubtedly be my identity for many years to come: I am 'Obel's Mummy'.

Along with her name Isobel now knows the difference between hot and cold and light and dark. She knows when things are 'ninished'; can tell her mummy to be 'fareful'; knows about 'now', 'rain' and 'sunshine'; can point out buses; name all her favourite tele programmes (the shame!); ask for her favourite dinner, rice fish and peas, pasta, pizza; and she can make her own scrambled eggs.


TheMadHouse said...

how sweet, wrong words sometimes still, we all call squirels, swqiggles now!!

Gray said...

Lovely post Zo 8)

Working Mum said...

I loved this post. Brought back happy memories for me. How time flies!