Friday, 22 May 2009


Last night saw the inaugural gathering of the above group.

As a group of girls who were a year ago thicker than the thickest of thieves but now very rarely manage to meet up, we have set a regular date for the diary.

Hence, Third Thursday Fish and Fizz. (Actually it's fish and chips and fizz but it doesn't look as sporty as TTFF, and last night we we actually had Moules et frites anyway - but you get the idea.)

Only half of us made it, the march-mum-of-girls contingent that is Me, Mine and Emma (in order of baby's birthdays). Funnily enough these two probably are the two I'm closest too these days.

I'm beginning to really appreciate entertaining at home, no babysitter to pay or favour to elicit from PD and as my house is a boy free zone there is no-one to consult. And the service is always great.

As girls do we discussed EVERYTHING; tall tales abounded but we all have a similar not-so-tall-tale about our daughters:

At this age, they love tampons. In the box out of the box and Isobel enjoys them so much she likes to involve them in a little 'Hamlet' cigar action. I mean, we are grateful for them, but perhaps we don't find them quite so entertaining.


Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Yes I know my daughter is going to hate me.

stefanie said...

tupperware boxes with snap close lids was the only thing that saved me from picking up mountains of tampons everytime one of my children came with me to the loo.

Other people will think you are mildly nuts when they see that you keep them in tupperware boxes but they obviously havent had to repeatedly had to pick the retched things up off the floor AGAIN !

Anonymous said...

LOL.... yep, you're right, she will hate you for that BUT funny all the same!

MissB said...

OMG - memories of dinner in Surrey, Jonathan, a glass of sloe gin, aforementioned item = end of a messy evening?!! Jen xxxx

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Ah, miss b. What a night. What a tipple... (hint)