Sunday, 3 May 2009

CPR anyone

In my yoga class ( yes I'm whittering on about that again) there is a
balancing in one leg posture that mr bikram says is designed to give
you a mini heartattack so you don't have to have a big one in real life.

At the moment I am having a mini heart attack every five minutes. Yes,
isobel toddling around and the accompanying falling down has my heart
lurching every few moments.

Don't get me wrong I let her fall down, if let is the right word, and
I also try to catch her. But this afternoon our little heroine has
scraped her face on a fence she was playing peekaboo through; fallen
down a concrete step and down the stairs.

Where was I when all this happened? Close enough to see but not to

Every bump and bruise she gets I feel responsible for and as her
pretty little face is littered with them at the moment you can imagine
how that feels. (Thank goodness for arnica cream.)

But on the bright side, she's getting steadier and I'm never going to
have a heart attack.

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1 comment:

Mamma Po said...

Yes Arnica is a Hero in our household too. Think mine would be on the At Risk Register without it...

Hope you had a good weekend on the Island?