Saturday, 16 May 2009


I've kind of got out of the habit of blogging, which is a shame because I love it, I've also got out of the habit of yoga and I love that, I see a pattern here...

I'm here to re-ignite my passion, well it beats trying to iron the floorboard creases off my face, creases gained from spending much of my life poking about under furniture trying to find lost felt-tip pens.

So I may not be able to yoga every day but I'm aiming to blog every day!

What do I have to tell you. Isobel continues to master the iPhone; while my back was turned this morning she not only rang PD, she text(ed) him and even sent him an email.

About a month ago I taught her to drink out of a straw, and now her favourite treat is a strawberry Actimel with a straw in it.

Actually that's a bit of a lie. Isobel's Easter eggs are on the bookshelf , in the hope of a chocolate nibble she stands beneath it, points and says 'Ta, ta, ta'. I think maybe that's her favourite treat.

For now I'll sign of the same way as my daughter does:

'Bye, Bye. Mwah mwah' *blows kisses*


Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Hello back! I know what you mean about the whole getting out of the habit... I am the same with the blogging and lots of other things :) Kids are taking over my life (how dare they?!).
Apparently it takes 3 weeks of repeating the same action to create a habit, so let's try now to blog again regularly and see in 3 weeks if we are back in the habit, shall we?

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Well I'm trying a post a day, but yesterday I managed three!

Mustn't lose momentum now.

3 weeks, I thought it was three days...