Thursday, 1 July 2010

A sign of beauty

Isobel has her first freckle.

My Great Auntie Rita always used to tell me freckles were a sign of beauty and it must be true because I'm covered in them!

(Mind you her father has plenty too)

I was quite excited to spot it, but not in the dying-woman-on-Beaches-who-names-each-of-her-daughters-freckles kind of a way.

But is this a sign that I haven't put enough suncream on her?


Barenakedmummy said...

I have freckles and I think its just a skin type thing. My daughters Bel and Car also have them and they get covered in factor 50!

Glummy Mummy said...

I must admit, getting freckles can be a sign of being exposed to the sun too long. But, I wouldn't worry, because I bet your daughter will be as beautiful as her mummy!