Monday, 14 November 2011

All adrift on a sea of...


It has to be said that in surprised terraces we have not been having a good November.


The house has been filled with the glorious sound of coughed up lungs and midnight vomiting.


Sleep has become a precious commodity and tempers are definitely fraying at the edges, well and the middle…


But, I am thankful that, as yet, we have not been stranded in the dark by a sea of sick. 


You see an odd childhood memory has come back to me lately (although I’m not always sure how reliable these are).  When I was young we lived in a two and a half bedroom terraced house where both gas and electricity were on a meter – I think it was 10ps for electricity and Gas 50ps. Our stairs went through the middle of the house two a small square landing at the top, Mummy’s bedroom was on one side and there was a small passage to my room.  Oh, and the bathroom was downstairs through the kitchen.


One delightful night, I was feeling poorly and I made it to my edge of the square landing where I promptly deposited the contents of my tummy.


The electricity has run out and my mum was stranded on the other side.


I don’t remember how she made it down the stairs or indeed anything that happened next. 


And I actually have no idea why I am telling you this story.





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Metropolitan Mum said...

Here too. Bleurgh. Hope the waves of vomit have flattened by now. xx