Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Songs to Live your Life by

I was fortunate to be tagged by the lovely Jo for this Meme and it really had me a little stumped until I had a couple of hours alone in my car with my ipod on shuffle.

now these aren't necessarily the songs that mean the most to me - songs can be so emotive.

No, these are songs with a message I love for what they say.

Firstly I was raised in a house surrounded by music and Neil was a favourite, and not just because my first ever valentine's rose came with the message "I'll always bring you flowers"

Next up, well it's an oldie brought to me by me, that does actually have a lot of memories attached.

Because you 'can't catch love with a net or a gun' (something I need to remember next time I want to hold onto a man so tight my knuckles turn white), a bit of James.

And don't we all want to be someone others feel like this about. Groove Armada - My Friend. Luckily I have many of these.

Finally as the mother of a daughter I also have to have Beautiful, twee but hey.

I wanted to add Three Little Birds; a bit of Madonna and so many more that Jo already stole!....

I'm going to tag a Non-mummy blogger because I am intrigued.

Go Gray

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Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I love these. I knew I'd forgotten about that James one, and OMG Crowded House they knocked out a blumming good tune didn't they? Big smile on my face right now. :D

I hadn't heard that Neil Diamond one but it was cool, and Beautiful is just beautiful isn't it?

AND, I'm glad little one isn't a bottom bottom. That would be weird. xxx