Monday, 22 August 2011

Getting down with the Angels

On Sunday I discovered that there is an Archangel of Housekeeping! Well, ok that isn't exactly Sariel's purpose but it's within her remit. So, in an attempt to make my kitchen cleaning a little more magical I asked for her help.

OMG, it worked. I am rubbish at housework, I lose interest easily, especially when poorly like I was on Sunday. But, this Sunday I persevered.

I even moved a radio that had been in situ for years.

The joy of this came this morning when Little Girl and I took time to boogie in the kitchen to the sounds of radio 2 this morning.

There were no:




We had a blissful morning, finding time for scrambled egg and salmon before we left.

And I managed to catch an earlier train than I had been lately.

I tell you I'll be getting down with the angels more often.

Ok, so maybe you think this all a little we-woo but hey wouldn't it make the world a little more magical if you just believed for a minute?

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Claire, Cheshire Mum said...

A radio is a new addition to our kitchen & a kitchen boogie is great fun! The angels approve of kitchen boogies I think, Cx

aroha said...

I believe in angels! I can't tell you how many times I've driven into a crowded parking garage and asked my parking angle for a parking spot and literally within 5 seconds someone is reversing out right in front of me!

Housewives Alchemy said...

Hmmm ... an angel for cleaning the kitchen ... that really sounds magical based on your experience. Since, I clean it each and every single day, I am going to try that! Thanks :)

northernmum said...

Can I borrow your angels?


j x