Friday, 31 December 2010

So there it was a merry Christmas

And it was a very merry Christmas.

Well, if you discount the fact that each and every member of the family took it turns to head to the out of ours gp service at the hospital. I think they were under the illusion that you get loyalty points or something and that somehow the turkey may be cheaper next year, leaving more money for presents.

This certainly was the year for presents, well for me anyway. I mean I was given amazing gifts I didn't even know I wanted. I am in love with a kind,e I would have scoffed at the idea of a few days ago....

And you can see this is being typed on an iPad... Well I am supposed to share that with Isobel and actually as I am typing through a haze of finger prints I can honestly say I have shared. (the only reason I am allowed to type on it now is because she isn't here - suggestions for apps gratefully received)

There was a ring... No not that kind, don't get ahead of yourselves.

Bath stuff and champagne and chocs... I could go on but let's just say I was spoiled.

That was me, little girl?

She has a beautiful baby doll, a new pram, a garage and a fire engine. Well balanced in terms of gender related gifts I feel - oh and very like pink, hooray!

As any beautiful little girl (notice I didn't use the word good) would expect, she had boxfulls of presents.

Thank you to everyone who has made our Christmas so special, especially the hand bell ringers and yes that includes you bell no. 8.

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