Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mummy calling Starship Enterprise

Every mother has moments when she wishes the ground would swallow her or better still that Scotty would beam her child up.

Every mother of a two year old has these moments twice as often.

Today I hosted, what used to be a regular, lunch. We had big news to celebrate: an engagement, a marriage and a baby on the way and I only had two couples as guests.

It was an opportunity for catching up and also a perfect time for one of those proud mummy moments when other people meet your angel mini-me and congratulate you on being such a fab parent that you have created a perfectly lovely little girl.

Well that was the plan.

Isobel had other ideas. She had just come back from PDs and she had only had half-hour nap and I had woken her up and she's two, and......

I can make excuses but she smacked little Sam on the Trampoline; she threw a ball at him when he was taking a turn on her bike, smacked him for .... I can't remember, my mind has blanked it out.

In the end Isobel was very eager for Sam to go home and he was equally pleased to have her hand him his shoes and dummy and wave bye bye. Actually they were so pleased to say good bye they kissed.

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Tasha Goddard (WAHM-BAM!) said...

Oh it's awful when things don't go to plan! I had some of Rosemary's friends and their mums round for lunch yesterday. Mums (and Eleanor) had lunch first, then the girls. I spent the whole time we were eating telling them how the soup was always a hit with children and how Rosemary says 'Thank you so much, Mum,' whenever I make it. Of course, she ate one spoonful and ran off to play, and the other two didn't do much better.