Monday, 12 October 2009

Pretty evil?

The more Isobel's development progresses, which it is doing in leaps and bounds, the more I start to have some wicked wonderings.

Are we genetically programmed to appreciate and prefer pretty things? Who teaches us what is pretty and what isn't?

Could you tell your child that things that are ugly are actually pretty? When I teach Isobel that it's a 'pretty flower' how does she then know which people that word can apply to?

If you were hiring a nanny would you hire a pretty one so your child was surrounded by beauty or an ugly one to boost your ego?

What if you taught them the wrong names for things, how old would they be when they found out (and how much would they HATE you for it)?

Isobel is learning new words and understanding more and more each day, while most of this is imparted without effort, what if you applied yourself to teach them the wrong way?

Don't panic, I'm not using my daughter as some kind of social experiment, but one could couldn't one, if one really wanted to?

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