Tuesday, 27 October 2009


No, I'm not in lust with a gorgous lover, I haven't dusted off my sauciest undies, they are still languishing at the bottom of my drawer. (If you happen to have a spare toy boy loittering around, do feel free to send him my way.)

I haven't GOT the horn; what it really is, is that I am ON the horns of a dilema.

A schooling dilema - yes already. But no, not about actual schools. Just about nursery. I say just, but it has me perturbed.

A few months ago they wanted Isobel to move up to the next class, but I didn't want her to go without her friends.

I was assured they would move Isobel with at least one of her gang - Elif. Perfect, as Elif is 2 days younger, Elif who we have known since she was days old and Elif whose mum is one of my very dearest friends.

But now it transpires that there is only place and I have been asked to move Isobel alone. So, I hear you say, say no again.

I can't.

If I say no, they will ask Mine to let Elif go, if Mine says no it will be Charlotte who is asked to move. So ultimately one of the gang has to go it alone.

It terrifies me and I have no idea why.


Working Mum said...

Why can't they wait until there are two places in the next class? Is there someone waiting to get in Isobel's class? I don't understand why one has to move.

Kate said...

Oh that's tough. I guess you should seize the opportunity but it's so hard to know what to do...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she'll be fine. Just think of all the new friends she'll get to make and then when her other little frieds move up she'll have them as well. In my experience little ones are very adaptable.

Anonymous said...

What are you worried will happen if she goes on her own?

Mine said...

All things considered I think Isobel will be OK actually. I wonder if it's more us that struggle with the thought of them being separated? And Isobel will remember some of the others that moved earlier this year like JoJo.

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I'm sure she will be fine and eventually they will all be reunited.

I wish I could have a special advisor each time I have to make a decision about my children ... whether it is to do with schooling or just what to make for tea. Life would be so much easier ... and guilt free.

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

I don't know what I'm worried about.

I guess it took ME a long time to get used to her being at nursery and seeing her get so excited to see her pals really makes it easy.

I know she will be fine, and I hope they will all get there soon.

Yes, Laura I too wish someone would let me abdicate responsibility for.. well most things really.