Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mental Health

I struggle with deppression. Every now and then it sneaks up behind me and slowly sufficates me. The anxiety is paralysing and overwhelm, well that's overwhelming.

It takes all I have to work and parent, chores go undone, words go unsaid. At this time I can't ask for help, I can barely speak. Don't ask me questions even if they are 'how can I help?' I won't know.

Yes my life is good and yes I am strong, but at this time neither matters, I just want to give up as it is all too hard.

I cling to 'this too will pass' knowing it to be true even if I don't feel it.

At this time it's not conversation I need; messages of unconditional love are great, just doing things without expecting me to choose helps.

I may not say it at the time but knowing you are truly there, no strings attached is bloomin marvellous.

Take time to ask what helps people you know struggle. Ask when they feel good, be prepared for the times they cannot tell you.

1 comment:

KendallJaye said...

Sending a metric ton of love and light.
And maybe a handful of glitter and chocolate chips.