Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My baby takes the early morning train

This morning little girl decided to bypass the 'but you have to go to nursery as I'm going to work' argument by announcing from the very word go, yes even while still in her bed, that she was 'going to work with mummy today'.

Inside this gave me a big smile, nearly as big as when she sings 'you are my sunshine' to me. But it also bought a little panic...

Panic one: oh no not another stressful evening or her and her daddy as he tries to take her home to his for the night.

But, the biggest panic was OMG no peaceful day in the office drinking hot coffee, talking to adults and not hearing 'mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy I talking to you' every three minutes.

In the end I spent the day buried in eye hurting spreadsheets, she played with friends and went to the park with her father.

I think I lost.

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Caroljs said...

Bless her. Whenever I leave a room at the moment BG shouts "Mummy I come too" which is sweet but I pain when I need the loo!

Tasha Goddard said...

So hard. Eleanor is going through a clingy phase at the moment, but she's absolutely fine within about 2 minutes of me disappearing. The cries in the meantime are heart-rending though.